Guarantee & Returns

A.H. Beard has been setting the standard for quality bedding since 1899. However, in the unlikely event that a product fails to meet their high standards A.H. Beard offers a guarantee to the original purchaser or recipient to repair the product against faulty workmanship and materials.

Mattresses, Bedheads and Bases

The guarantee period for your product is indicated on the product law tag (production label) sewn into the head of the mattress or base. If the label has been damaged or removed, or the guarantee period is unclear, please contact A.H. Beard customer service for clarification. To make a claim under this guarantee you must retain your original receipt or tax invoice as proof of purchase.

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Smart Sleep Solutions

All sleep technology has a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase. If you think that your product is faulty please contact [email protected] immediately with what the issue is and photos if applicable. A customer care representative will be in contact with you to organise the return of the product for inspection. If the issue is found to be through no fault of the purchaser we will replace the item.

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How to make a claim?

What to do if you notice a fault or defect with your A.H. Beard product

  1. Before contacting A.H. Beard to notify us of a possible fault with your mattress, ensure that it is in a sanitary condition. Please refer to the note below for more details.
  2. Notify us of the issue at Click on ‘Log a Guarantee Issue’ and complete the online form. Attach a photo or scanned copy of your purchase receipt, and photos of the fault if possible. This will help us resolve the issue quicker.
    A representative from A.H. Beard’s Customer Care team will be in touch within two business days to arrange a service call to investigate the issue
  3. Alternatively, you can call A.H. Beard’s Customer Care team to notify us of the issue. Be sure to have your mattress model details and purchase receipt handy before calling. Australia: 1300 654 000 | New Zealand: 0800 242 327

Note: If, upon inspection by A.H. Beard, your mattress is found to be in a stained or unsanitary condition, A.H. Beard requires that it be sanitised by an accredited mattress cleaning service before it can be collected for inspection. You must present the sanitisation receipt to our driver before the mattress will be collected and returned to A.H. Beard for inspection or repair

What will we do in the event of a claim?

Once you have lodged a claim through the A.H. Beard website we will call you to discuss your claim. The first thing we do is determine whether there is a material or workmanship issue. If this is evident, we pick up and repair the mattress. If it is not evident, we will send out an inspector at no charge to assess the mattress or base and make a decision.

In the unlikely situation you disagree with our inspector we will bring the mattress back into our facility to inspect. We won’t leave you without a mattress, we will provide you with a loan mattress for the time of the inspection. There will be a fee for doing this.

We will inspect and provide a report on your mattress then we will discuss options with you on a follow-up call. Should there be a workmanship or material issue we will repair and refund to you the initial transportation fee you paid. Sanitisation cost are incurred by the customer regardless of any workmanship or materials issue.